Paintball tank setup help please

I bought a 20 oz. tank and this adapter
. Do I need anything else to use on my standard regulator? Do I need an on/off valve for the paintball tank? Looking for quick answers, due to my thoughts of cancelling the order if I need a special regulator or more parts.


That is all you need.

Screw that onto the regulator. Then the tank onto the adapter.

Don’t do it in reverse or you will dump the CO2 from the tank.

Looking at some other options, the remote line on/off systems may be another option. ... 27ccca3966

This would give you the option to shut the tank off. And avoid unscrewing the wrong part and dumping all the CO2 from the tank.

I use a part that is no longer available. ... OS-0X.aspx

Thanks for the reply. When I bought the adapter, it did not have a description. I was not sure if it depressed the nipple in the tank. If I can get an on/off valve cheap I will at some point.


Depressing the pin on a tank is the sole purpose of this item. The threads on the PB tank are the same and a 20lb tank. So the PB tank will screw onto a CO2 regulator. But no CO2 will come out because there is nothing to depress the pin.

Thanks for explaining Nighthawk.


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