Paintball Regulator

Anyone own one of the Adapter II

paintball regulators? Whats your thoughts on the quality? Whats the demensions of the reg? Looking for a smaller reg for my portable setup.

Baratone, I do not own one but have heard many people use them and love them. I have thought about getting on too for easier transport.

Seems like a decent way to go when compared to the price to convert one of the mini Leland regs to run on a refillable cylinder.

Even a standard size regulator can be pretty compact if you leave off the HP gauge. The unit looks pretty cool, it costs a little more than a standard regulator but that is offset by the cost of the refill adapter you’d have to buy with a standard one.

Here’s what I use:

Yeah, I’m currently running a standard reg without the HP guage now on my portable. Still way bigger than I would like. One of the reasons that I was wanting to know the demensions of the Adapter II setup. I was planning on losing the HP guage and adding a 90 just before the valve.