P T Job

I’m retired, with a very flexible part-time job that pays most of my insurance.
I’m thinking of taking another P T job just for fun - 2 days a week at my LBS.
Running register, getting orders, packaging items. Suppose it will still be fun?

Yeah! Just so long as they don’t have you unload sacks of malt from the delivery truck! Let us know if you take the job! If you interact with customers about what to buy you would also be able to help them through your knowledge with a good approach when they ask about certain items or ingredients, and it would likely keep you up to speed on a wide spectrum of processes and general knowledge about lots of different ingredients.

I will have to do anything that needs doing! It’s a small shop. I’m thinking I’ll learn more from the customers than they will from me. Looking forward to that!

Wish me luck, I start in 1/2 hour…

Sounds like it may be fun. Let us know how the first day went. :smiley:

I’d do that in a heartbeat! Even unloading the truck would be fun and a great workout too.

That’d be my dream job. I’d work for malt.

It was a good day. Of course there were many tasks, but I had plenty of interaction with customers, mostly beer geeks like me. Reading up on wine so I can understand that side better.

I think it would be great to talk to other brewers most of the day. To share your knowledge and to gain insight would make it all worth it. How about the boss? Is he or she into beer or wine? As long as you enjoyed the day and can look forward to the next day then it is all good. :smiley:

Here’s to the days ahead :cheers:

Check out the winemaking forum at winepress.us, its a great place to learn. That and Jack Keller’s website is excellent, plenty of recipes.

I’m a plumber, and I just picked up the local brewery as a client. Very pumped about that.

The boss is a brewer. It’s all good! I’ll check that wine website - been reading up on it. Now I want to make some.