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Oyxgenation rate

Anybody out there do in-line oxygenation? I have an O2 tank with a flow meter so I want to know what others are using as far as O2 flow rate.

I think Shadetree once said 1 liter of O2. I let mine go for 60 secs…

Yep, 1L for up to 1.060, 1.5 for up to 1.090, and 2L for >1.090 is what I use. Goal is to not see more than a thin layer of foam on top (indicating that the wort has taken all the O2 in rather than letting it foam). With the addition of a pump and tangential whirlpool, I’ve been oxygenating in the kettle after pulling the IC with good results.

Looking into adding an in-line O2 system to use with the new plate chiller, so I am interested in how you’re getting it done.

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