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Oxyclean vs aluminum

Soooo… yeah about that. Just kinda of a warning/calling myself stupid moment.

So I recent started using oxyclean to clean my brewing equipment. Works very well and I have been happy with the results. Not to meantion the big $$$ I’m saving not using PBW.

Anyways, I left my 10 gal aluminum pot full of oxyclean/water solution over night(lazy kicked in) and woke up to a dark grey pot. Oh yeah and the lid was half submerged so half of my lid is dark grey as well.

I would imagine this would have any adverse reactions on future brews huh? I mean I only use it as my HLT, not for boiling and mashing.

Over oxidized, scrub it off, then kick ones self squarely in the posterior… No, don’t be hard on yer self… I call it a learning curb… Sneezles61

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