Made a version of my NEIPA using the same grain bill but US05 instead of the WLP008 I used before. The fermentation looked a little different which I attributed to the yeast. When finished, I kegged and force carbed. I noticed right off that this version tasted slightly different (less juicy :wink:) than and was more clear from the start. It’s been in the keg since mid-October. Over time it’s darkened and cleared away from it’s original almost grapefruit juice color/look and continued to clear and is now almost a weird purple color. Any thoughts? Am I seeing the effects of oxidation? Space aliens?

How does it taste? If it’s severely oxidized you’d get the paper/cardboard kind of flat taste from it. The color change sounds kind of cosmic…whats the grain bill?

I want to see the purple.


Did you do any thing different than usual in your brewing process? The clearing of the keg is a natural process… The color can be from oxidation and also the flocculant stuff maybe made it look a little whiter… so to say… The purple … hhhmmm… That is strange… Something leached into your brew… Sneezles61

The exact same thing happened to me with a NEIPA last year. I had transferred to a smaller keg an thought maybe it had some cleaning residue but now I’m thinking maybe the smaller keg wasn’t purged well. Mine changed color also not purple though but darker for sure maybe a tinge of maroon maybe. I was low on beer so I dosed it with some more citra and we drank it

So I revisited this this afternoon. The first picture is this beer in a tulip glass held up in front of a sunlit window, the second is taken in a margerita glass sitting on the keezer in the mancave, and the third picture is the original version of it using WLP008. Very obvious the beer is way different. Clarity may come from the flocculation characteristics listed as low/medium for the 008 and medium for the 05. This beer has also been sitting in the keezer a while since I’ve been away at deercamp. I think some of the purple tint might be coming from the mancave LED floodlightng but the color is distinctly different.

My cleaning process is to rinse the kegs thoroughly, disassemble and soak in Starsan, reassemble. When I fill I rinse with fresh Starsan, pressurize and blow any residual out the liquid fitting. When filling, I rack the beer into the keg, pressurize, lift the PRV several times and then shake the crap out if it. I leave it at 40 PSI disconnected for a couple of days. I then put it on at serving pressure and check it until it’s ready.

Ill take door #1

Door # 1 too! I would assume the #3 pict is the juicy whatchamacallit… #2 is just a weird view and pict of a brew… #1… I’m there!! Sneezles61