Oxiclean Versatile

My better half picked me up a box of this Oxiclean. It says “Versatile” - free of perfumes, dyes and chlorine.

http://www.amazon.com/Oxiclean-Versatil ... _indust_16

I’ve never used Oxiclean before, but after reading a lot of the other posts it seems to be the consensus to use it in the same ratios as PBW.

Checking before I do use it, is this version of Oxiclean okay for homebrewers?


I use that all the time

This is the right OxiClean to use for cleaning homebrew equipment. While I use PBW for cleaning my equipment, I use this all the time for de-labeling bottles and it works great.

I use it for everything. Never had an issue cleaning my equipment with it.

+1. I switched to oxyclean because it’s cheaper than PBW. Works great on everything… except my aluminum pot of course.

That’s over $4 a pound. Dollartree has oxi cleaner for $1 a pound.

what ratio do you use? The directions are pretty vague on the label.

I’ve been using the Walmart off-brand called Sun Oxygen Cleanser. It does the trick. However, I’m finding that when I use it with the water in my new place, it leaves a filmy deposit on my bottles and stuff. My water has a ton of iron and manganese in it, so that could be the problem.

As with PBW it still works great when using at reduced rates.

I don’t remember the exact brand, it might have been walmart’s, but some years ago I had a problem with a white deposit left on bottles. It went away when I switched brands.