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Over pitched?

I brewed an IPA yesterday morning. Second batch ever. Had a yeast calculator tell me to pitch two packs of 05.

Happened to look at Mr Malty because of the other yeast post below and noticed that it only calls for me to pitch one packet of 05. Have I over pitched? Gravity after boil was 1.060 and I only sprinkled the two packs on top of the wort, no re hydration or starter.

I made it yesterday morning and by this morning that joint is rolling! Almost constant bubbles but I haven’t seen any krausen or wort residue in the 3pc airlock yet…

Yes you over-pitched a little but the good news is it doesn’t matter, that yeast doesn’t throw esters so you haven’t changed anything escept how fast it will get done. Hopefully you are watching your ferm temps, a rapid fermentation generates more heat and that leads to even more rapid ferm, etc. US05 does better under 70F and thats wort temp not air temp.

Rehydrating in wort kils off roughly half the cells, so your pitching rate was probably right on.

Thanks for the reassurance guys. Also thanks for mentioning the temps. I ferment in a bucket (which is then inside a 15 gallon laundry tub) in my laundry room with the vent shut off. My last ferment sat at 62 to 64 the whole time. This one started at 62 this morning. After reading your replies I checked the temp on the bucket and it’s reading flippin 68 and the air temp in this room is right around 60. Going to crack the window I guess. If it hasn’t gone down by the morning I’ll get some water in the tub and start rotating some frozen water bottles or something.

Totally crazy that I checked it this morning and it was at 62… That’s around a 6 degree temp change…

Also wanted to add that the laundry room smells awesome! I bittered with Magnum, then threw in an ounce of Citra and an ounce of Centennial at 5 min left.

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