Over pitched yeast?

Folks can anyone advise me please ?

I have pitched 2 x yeast packets (safe ale) into 23L maybe 4.5 gal of wort as it seemed to be what my all grain recipe said to do and it was what was provided in the kit. I double checked the instructions and the website. BUT I can’t help thinking it’s double the yeast pitch I needed.

What will be the result ?

Yeasty beer ?

Faster fermentation ?

High gravity ?

Can someone advise what to expect ?

Many thanks


Yeah it’s a waste of yeast but it won’t hurt anything. When the sugars are all consumed the yeast will drop out.

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Only other thought is if it’s a high gravity brew… Then 2 packets aren’t out of order…

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Thank you guys

No problem. . 2 packs. Of yeast. What was the og of your recipy. On high grav beers you might use more yeast. Over pitching most the time. Ones the sugars consumed. The yeast drops out to the bottom