Over Carbonation

I’ve now brewed 6 batches of 1 gallon extract kits. On most of my bottles, when I pour them I have soda like carbonation bubbles in my glass. The flavors are good, just don’t know if this is “normal”. I use one fizz drop/bottle as instructed. Is this something that I should be worried about. The head doesn’t last very long, even though is typically pretty thick.

Usually soda pop carbonation is not bottle conditioning long enough at room temperature and/or not chilling the bottles for a day or three before opening. Bottle conditioning can take 2 to 6 weeks, or longer, depending on the beer style. Light wheat beers need the least time.

That would make sense for some of mine. I usually let mine sit for about 1 week and then refrigerate, especially the ales.

Back when I was brewing one gallon batches (and using “fizz” drops) I ended up with a “3 & 3” approach for bottle conditioning - 3 weeks conditioning, three days in the fridge. Never had a problem with fizz drops this way.

Late last summer, I had a small batch of a holiday beer that I wanted to condition/age for 4-5 months. So I split batch down the middle - every other bottle was a fizz drop, every other bottle got two grams sugar. I didn’t see a difference in carbonation between the bottles.

For me, fizz drops worked as if they were sugar - just a little slower.