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Over carbonation stout

Did hook my stout few days ago on tap. After. Forced carbonation. 3 days at 20 psi. Only foam comes out. Damn. Weird thing for last 3 years. Do the same system. And no issues. So my question. How to fix this. Me do use. Heineken kegs aka sankey. Once closed. No way to release pressure with out spilling beer. What to do ?

Now there’s a problem… Since cold liquid holds CO2, you’re gonna have to warm it up… It’ll need to come out of the keezer… Pull a mug off of it… Chill the mug so you can drink it… Repeat until the foam goes away, then put back in the keezer…
So maybe your regulator pooped the bed… Maybe you’ll have to turn on the gas as you pull a pint? Sneezles61

Was thinking take it out of the. Kegurator. My gas turned on the other 3 beers pour fine. Only thing take it out. See what happens. Me at a awe right now

When it’s warmed, you’ll have to pull some pints to get the gas out… Was there some yeast from a different brew left in the keg? Crazy how things happen some times… Sneezles61

Are you certain this brew was 100% done fermenting?

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Dont know. Did clean. Me anal about that. Dpw. Clean than starsan.

There’s no pressure relief valve on the coupler?

Had fg. Fg 1.010. 0g 1.070. Did check. 4 times. Fg same in a period of. 6 days. Had it in secondary for. 5 weeks. Maybe something something weird. Enterd the secondary. While adding vanilla tincture. And later choc nibs. Could be wild yeast?

I had sample of a foamy Brut beer at my LHBS. Even though they were down around 1fg the thing kept fermenting. So could be. 1.010 for a stout seems done to me.

Take the tap off and look I side the gas in port should be a lit rubber back pressure preventer take that out then you can release pressure from your ball lock or pin lock coupler. All my sanke taps have pressure relief pins though

Did not think about the pressure relief on my keg conectors. Will try tonght when i am at home

Last night did release. Most of the co2. Let it warm up. Just now put it back in the kegurator. At serving pressure

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