Over carbonated

I just tasted my caribou slobber after 10 days of bottleing. It has a good smell and the taste isn’t sour but I can taste a decent bit of fizz. Is this what they call green beer or did I mess up? I did not take a og because I just got my hydrometer. Is it fine and I just need to keep it in there longer?

Was it a 5 gallon recipe? Did you use the entire 5oz of priming sugar that came with it? The 5 oz is almost always too much priming sugar and will result in over-carbonation. The instructions that come with the extract kits do a really good job of keeping it simple, but there are some small tweaks that you can make to significantly improve your beers.

It was a 1 gallon with fizzy drop, I put it in a 22 oz pop top bottle.

Not sure, as I haven’t used carb drops, but 10 days is pretty soon after bottling. Most batches seem to undergo a lot of changes in the first few weeks, so maybe give it another week or so and chill it a few days to crash out any suspended particles? That might settle down the carbonation a little.

Thanks for the help and advice.