Over carbed Porter?

Been priming for just over 3 weeks now. Awesome hiss when i opened the bottle. Poured a glass and the head looked like i just poured a glass of coke. Within a few seconds, the 1.5’’ head fizzled out. Still plenty of carb in the glass, just no head or lacing. your thoughts?

How’s it taste?


Once you chill it and give it a little more time it should smooth out.
People talk about flavor changes with time, but it’s been interesting to me to observe carbonation/head changes over time as well.
To me, it seems like the 6-week-in-a-bottle beer is when it really starts getting perfect.

I did this a few weeks ago…experimenting with a brown sugar mixture when priming. Anyway, if you want to use the carbonation, just add four or five dark chocolate chips to your glass. They will make the beer a bit fizzy and they taste great. Like a stout champagne.


A lot of British beers have very little head, so as long as it tastes good I wouldn’t worry a lot about it.