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Over active yeast?

Just started a batch of Caribou Slobber & I’ve got some pretty major fermenting going on. Note this is only my third batch so I have alot to learn. Anyway, the foam is coming up into the bubbler. Serious? anything I should do? Thanks

Blowoffs happen, could be nothing more than a sign you did everything right. If you have a blowoff tube replace your airlock with the tube until the activity calms down.

What was your pitching temperature?

Are you doing one of those 1 gallon kits? Cause those things end up having you substantially over-pitch, and you don’t have much head space.

Don’t worry, you’ll be fine.

don’t have a blow off tube, I activated the yeast just before adding (88 degrees) and then then blended some of the wort into it before adding it to to the bucket (76 degrees). Its a 5 gallon batch. Thanks for the quick response!

For future reference, it is best practice to always use a blowoff hose through high krausen unless you know for certain you have enough head space. Cheap insurance against a messy situation.

You are fermenting way too hot, and pitching extremely too hot.

Yup, try to pitch somewhere in the sixties in the future. And get yourself a blowoff tube for the future.

This time, you can just temporarily leave the airlock off. Be sure to keep an eye on it and put it back as soon as fermentation slows down. You don’t have to worry too much about infection, when things are going out with that much force, not much is going to make it in.

If you are using a 3pc air lock, your 3/8th racking tubing will fit over the inner tube, turning it into a blow off tube.

Get a large tub of water and put the fermenter in it. Add frozen water bottles to cool the fermenter down. The bathtub will work in an emergency.

See my signature line for more ideas.

Thanks for all your help! There are many conflicting instructions out there. My temps may not have right on but I followed the directions for the dry yeast from the video on line. New at this but having a great time with it.

Many of the kit instruction are outdated. Though you will make beer with them, pitching at or below your fermentation temp is a better practice. Fermenting cool/cold, 60-65, will product a beer with little to no off flavors from the yeast. Unless you are looking for fruity notes, then feel free to ferment in the 70’s.

Thanks again all, its tough to keep the temps below 70 in Florida. If I can keep it below 75 I’m pretty happy. I’m thinking about setting a refrigerator just for that purpose if I keep brewing. :cheers:

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