Outdoor burner, bayou classic sp10 vs sq14

I’m looking to purchase an outdoor burner tomorrow. My local Lowes carries the Bayou Classic SP10. Ive done some research and it looks like a bunch of people use the SP 10 and SQ 14. Anyone have any input on either of the two. I think the SQ 14 doesn’t have a wind screen like the SP 10.

I use a “Camp Chef” Outdoor cooker that has two 14 burners rated at 60,000 BTU. It’s really handy to have a second burner available when brewing. Picked it up at a local farm and home supply store. It’s also on legs so I can drain the chilled wort directly into a Carboy sitting on the ground.

save your money and get a Blichmann. BTU’s are a useful measurement, but not everything, its also how the heat is delivered (in the case of Blichmann, the plumes go straight up from 30-40 or so ports). I can heat 6-7 gallons of wort from mash temps to boil in about 10 minutes.

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+1. The Blichmann is also built like a tank. I’ve used a bayou classic burner in the past, and the thing was prone to blowing out in the wind and left sooty residue on the bottom of the kettle. While a good strong gust of wind can blow out the Blichmann, it does heat up a kettle full of wort quickly and burns really cleanly. I usually get a couple of extra brew days out of a propane tank as a result.

I have the Edelmetall Bru Burner which is kinda the same thing as the Blichmann, but it has fancy copper trim. I think that those two are well worth the money, both are clean burning and can really get rocking with heat, plus they have some wind protection. A lot of people recommend the leg extensions for them, but with my current setup gravity flowing in my work truck, leg extensions are a non-issue for me.

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I have the Bayou Classic KAB4. Has the same burner as the Blichman but cheaper in price by about 50 bucks if I recall.

I have the sp10. Did a practice boil last night to see what my loss would be… Took about 30 minutes to bring seven gallons to a boil. May have been longer 30 was a little generous. I sould have waited and bought a better one… Wouldnt dream of doing a 10 gallon brew with it.

I agree you get what you pay for. However at the moment it would be like putting rims on a Geo Metro. I also need to upgrade my kettle. I also was looking at the darkstar burner but there were a few reviews where the user couldn’t get a clean burning flame. I ending up buying the SP 10 as well. Sturdy design. Doesn’t look or feel cheap. I haven’t really tested it out other than burning off some of the paint. It has a really nice blue flame on it. I should be heating water from around mash temp to boiling. Not sure what temp you started with @BeerBelly.

Tap temperature,

I went from a 200k jet style burner (SP1) to the SQ14 and love it. You are correct, there is no wind screen on SQ14. OK for me as I am in garage… It may not be the fastest but I think it is more efficient. SP10 looks better for the occasional 10G batch. The SP1 jet wins in the speed dept: 10G tap water to boil in 10m… No BS.

The key to dialing in speed AND efficiency is to get the runnings into the kettle asap. For some reason I used to wait until I was done sparging to start heating… When the planets align during a good brew session, the wort is boiling as the last of the runnings are added.

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When it comes time to upgrade your kettle, I’d recommend looking into the Spike Brewing kettles

Agreed. Do NOT go with Stout tanks/kettles. We have them for our 1/2bbl and they are decent enough design but they are a nightmare to deal with.