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Our Transforming Brewery! Brew-timus Prime!

We need all the room we can find in out garage so, we had our brew structure built to fold up when not in use!

clever idea, i like it.

Looks nice. Are you using burners under your HLT and MT? Off topic, are those recent pictures? My yard’s gray and dismal.

I’d definitely go with “Hoptimus Prime.” :cheers:

Looks good. Nice way to conserve space.

I like your burner on wheels! Thanks for sharing. It is great to see new designs. It looks well thought out! Keep on brewing!! I missed the fold out chair with the umbrella and drink holder!!!

The burner will heat the HLT and the BK, The MLT will be the high point so it can gravity feed down to the BK (we have a heavy duty pump to pump hot water from the HLT to the MLT) and the MLT is heated with a Herms- type coil (not shown)

The Structure itself is on wheels mounted on the side, so it can be tipped and rolled around, 'cuz this beast is HEAVY!


and Great design! I like how you used the castors, very clever.

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