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Is it still possible. To place orders at nb. Or they did stop. Untill everything is over

Last I heard, they were doing a booming business. So yeah I think they’re up and running. Not sure if there may be a slight delay in shipping but I would go ahead and place an order.

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I just ordered $160 in grain and yeast. They have a banner at the top of the page to expect some delays in shipping. I’ll let you know what happens.

Monday, when I heard Wisconsin was going into lockdown mode I ran to the Northern Brewer store in Milwaukee (actually West Allis). They took my order, milled the grains and got everything else for me and brought it to me. Apart from handing me the order and paying at the register, no one was near each other. I have to hand it to them. They were running their asses off for us customers!

Yesterday and today they are closed while they change their procedures to be in line with the new lockdown rules. I expect it will be an order by phone or online and pickup at the door.

He also mentioned to me that the warehouse in Mn was way behind due to increased volume and only being partially staffed. Some employees playing it safe and staying home.

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They say on the website to expect delays of “up to 6 days.” It’s been 6 days since I placed my order, so they are definitely backed up worse than that. They also sent me an email today, recognizing and apologizing for the delay.

I can’t believe I’d ever even think this, but really — it’s only beer.

Keeping their people safe is more important than timely order fulfillment.

Honestly, it already feels pretty damn selfish expecting them to be there at all. So I’m content.

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Have you heard of any backup at other smaller suppliers. I hear NB was having transitioning problems before C-19. Maybe they just got caught flat footed.

I think everyone got caught flat footed.

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I wonder about this new way of doing business… Somewhere, some bean counter is going to look at the books and compare… Not having an “open store” compared to how it used to be… I’ll bet they’ll find a better way to make their bottom line better and not return to yesterday… Just thinking…

Brick and mortar stores have been coming obsolete for awhile. I’m sure many won’t reopen


Think my order left miami. Last week. So give it 10 to20 days. Should have it on bonaire. Did place the order before all the chaos started

For those checking in… It was 11 total days from submitting to shipping for my order. This is absolutely NOT a complaint. 3 3-gal AG recipe kits plus grains and hops for 2 more 3-gal AG brews. So maybe not a simple order.

I may soon not have enough TP to wipe my @$$, but thanks to NB, I’ll have enough Homebrew to not care so much about that. :beer: >:poop:.

I know NB management has largely ignored this forum, but if you’re reading, thanks for being there. Please keep employee safety prioritized over fulfillment time.


No complaints here either! I ordered my stuff on 3/23 and it arrived 4/3. So glad to have it! Thanks NB!

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