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Orval mix culture

Is that the brett above the yeast cake making the starter look cloudy?
Or mutant/ not healty yeast cells?
I’d like to step it up a few more times and save the yeast,
And I have a beer right now that i’d like to add the brett to.
I was thinking of pouring off the liquid into my secondary if that looks like normal brett.

I don’t know much about brett, but it looks likes suspended yeast too me.
Some yeast strains flocculate better than others, but all of my starters are cloudy before I cold crash them.

Yeah I wasnt sure if I’d be pouring a bunch of non flocculant yeast into a secondary.
I’ve been building this slowly with 1.020 dme wort since thanksgiving.
I did have it in the fridge for a few days and it wasn’t clearing so I threw it back on the stirplate for awhile. That pic is the most it has cleared yet.

Well I guess that this strain is really low flocculant .
I fed it 2 liters of 1.035 second runnings and it tore through that,
Then I crashed it for a few days and rinsed it
and it still looks really layered after a few days in the fridge. Weird.
I fed some of the slurry to a strong dark that finished at 1.020,
Wait and see what it can do with that mess.

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