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Orders and Shipping Notification Emails

Hiya Gang,
After about a 10 year break from brewing, I’m back in the saddle. I put in an order on Sunday to get a couple AG kits (stout and porter), a plate chiller and several other parts to freshen up my equipment (which I’m glad i never got rid of). My question is once an order has shipped, is an email sent out stating as such? When i log in to view my order status, it only says “order received”. There’s no mention of any update beyond that.

I saw some posts and an email to the effect of them experiencing server issues so i don’t know if that’s affecting things. (??)

Can someone verify what i should be seeing at this point?

THanks all… glad to be back.

Welcome back to the hobby!

I’m not sure how much @NBCustomerService monitors this forum. You may just want to use the chat feature on the website to get an answer.

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Yes, welcome back to the obsession!!
I have gotten a notice when it is/was shipped in the past… Voltron of course has the best piece answered… Sneezles61

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I appreciate the feedback guys!

My main intent here was just to see what others’ experiences were. But i took Voltron’s advice and engaged them directly on chat. The answer i got was that item descriptions contained info on how long it would take to ship but went back and looked at several and was unable to find this detail.

Essentially, I was going to have my gaming group over this weekend for a beer crafting lesson, of sorts. They were all very interested in the hobby and will soon be getting into it. My goal was to do a hands-on brew day so they could learn the basics and get their feet wet.

Long story/short, it’s not going to happen. I was told that orders typically take two days to ship and if they’re placed after 3pm to add an additional day. So my order placed on sunday will not go out until later this afternoon putting it in Az around the middle of next week sometime.

I went back and reviewed my order received and order shipped emails from way back (circa 2007) and, well, things have changed. Most, if not all my orders from back then were shipped same day if submitted prior to 12pm.

Maybe i’ve become spoiled over the years w Prime and just used to the old NB flash to bang time on ordering/shipping but i completely thought i’d have my order by this weekend. I’m going to chalk it up to my excitement - fueled unreasonable expectations and adjust accordingly. I may head up to Tucson and see if there’s a LHBS that has a kit i can grab before Saturday. Between all of us, we make regular trips up there so that could be a better option for us. We’ll see.

Thanks again for the suggestions and comments guys!

Happy brewing!

Welcome back! Pretty cool that coming back you’re bringing others in. Nice!


Northern Brewer has gone through a lot of change in the past few years with multiple changes in ownership. If you did not keep abreast then I can see why you assumed you would get it quicker.

It will be interesting to see how the new owners will handle the company.

Welcome back as well.

Probably going to sell of the pieces and close shop.

lol WMNoob, Yeah, I really need to karma up and pay all the mentoring forward that I got from locals here back when i was learning. I broke out my old recipe book and found all sorts of notes specific to my gear and process. Hopefully it all comes back without too much fog.

Yeah, i didn’t keep up on much when i stopped. Hopefully they can humpty dumpty it back together. M[NB]GA!!

That would be unfortunate if they rolled up shop but an equally great loss to the community would be the loss of knowledge amassed in these forums. I learned a great deal of what i knew and retained right here on these boards. So much knowledge and answers to be found here. Hopefully, if they close up, they can keep the forums going.


NB is still the largest home brew supplier in the country. Even if brick & mortar suffers, their website and online business won’t be going anywhere.

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I’ll be interested in following along hearing how things have changed. You obviously where able to brew without that kviek yeast that seems to be popular with other hot climate brewers

If you use the slowest ship feature you get what you pay for. I feel like it takes them 2 days to pack an order after receiving it.

So how long did it take them to ship?

Between yesterday and today, I ordered about $350 worth of crap with the free shipping and it’s just sitting in unfullfilled status… :frowning:

You happened to order during the labor day weekend which meant nothing happened on Monday. The Tuesday staff probably came back from their long weekend it an increased volume and started packing the rush orders first. I would imagine you will see a status change in the next couple of days.

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What’s funny is that the stuff I ordered yesterday now has a tracking number assigned… the stuff I order prior is still sitting in unfulfilled status… kind of backwards.

Just to follow up on my OP and question for anyone else that’s curious here’s what I’ve learned. After doing two orders this seems to be what you can expect when ordering when using the free shipping option:

  • Email sent when order placed confirming order
  • Allow 2-3 business days to ship
  • Email sent when order is shipped
  • 5-7business days to ship (to Arizona. ymmv)
  • Email sent when shipment out for delivery
  • Email sent when delivered

Hope this helps…

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Thanks for letting us know how it went. Did it actually take 5-7 to receive it? Many times I get stuff (not just NB) earlier than the expected standard UPS date.

For me it has been 7 calendar days but it goes east first to the hub and then back towards Arizona so that burns two days right there before it even starts coming my way.

I think it’ll be dramatically different for people in the midwest and east coast though.

Whether you are moving millions of packages or moving millions of people, the hub and spoke model is the most efficient. Packages might move in the opposite direction than you would expect if that is the direction of the main sortation facility is. As far as packages arriving early…that’s most likely due to a built in buffer. Most people would rather have a package delivered a day early than a day late.

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