Ordered Ward's water test

Procrastinated long enough on placing the order for the brewing test kit. Curious to see if I can brew a better beer knowing what is in my well water. Plan to use the guides provided by Bru’n Water.


I’ve been a draggin’ my feet too…. I have just resorted to RO and my water to make some good brews, MAYBE I could kick it up a notch! We have a testing lab an hour from here, I’ve talked to them but never followed through… :disappointed: Sneezles61

I started thinking about having the water tested when my amber ales became more hoppy and less malty. Was wondering if the CaCO3 in the well water if to high. Might have to dilute it with some distilled. Could just brew an amber ale with distilled but then I would still the nagging feeling the water here is much different than what I had been using 20 miles to the west when I first started brewing.

Most water supplies have some alkalinity and that often needs to be neutralized for paler beer styles. While dilution with something like RO or DI water can help, some form of acid is often needed. Learning to employ an appropriate acid can make a big difference in your beers.