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Ordered kits

It has been awhile. I made a paddle and a spoon/paddle. Was going to go to the HBS but, things happened in the world. So I was going to order 2 kits , but ordered 1. Being shipping is taking longer and NB has not shipped yet, asked the wife it I could get another. Emailed NB and not a problem. I ordered the karma and the Dead Ringer. I was pleased that they did and wanted to pass on how NB is working with people. Thanks again NB!! I will show pics.


I have found NB very easy to deal with. Every order has been correct. The one and only problem I ever had was a couple of damaged Fast pitch cans, possibly the shippers fault and they were quickly replaced by NB.

NB as historically been top notch when it comes to customer service. Glad to see this continues as there was some hiccups recently.

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I agree, NB has top notch CS. I just had a run-in where they mixed my order up with another customer. They made it right and we got to keep the mistakes (which included some hardware not just an ingredient kit). I’ve only had 2 issues in nearly 9 years and both were made more than right if you know what I mean. Great job NB!!

Yup all good things to say here. Top notch for sure. Even through the sale of NB they stayed true to their roots IMO.

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