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Order in limbo for 8-9 days - is my yeast still good?

My order got screwed up and it ended up on one side of the country (MA) and 8-9 days later I finally get it. (It shows up tomorrow). I do Houblonmonstre all the time and pitch two packs of Wyeast 3522 and have a total of 3 packs coming - you think it’s going to be OK or should I try to get new yeast from NB???


If the yeast is fresh (by packaging date) it might be ok. Only way to know is to smack one or two and see if it swells or not. If it swells slowly, or not at all, you could try making a starter to see if they can be revived. However, if you’re not in a big hurry, the best bet would be to see if NB can get new ones on the way to you. It might save you the time and agony of messing with moribund yeast, only to wind up getting new packs anyway…

I’ve had that happen… poor yeast sat in a UPS truck over 4th of July weekend. The smack pack showed slight activity, so I pitched it in a 2-liter starter. It took over a month to ferment out the starter, but instead of dumping it I used it for a 1-gallon cider to see what would happen. It’s working fine in the cider, but I don’t see it working out well for you unless you want to put a lot of time into making a big enough starter. Probably best to just get new yeast coming.

Thanks much to both of you. UPS showed up today and the only box they had was the free glass and growler NB gave me for the order being screwed up - still haven’t gotten my extract kits. LOL

Yea, I think I’ll get new yeast.


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