Opposite of Stuck Fermentation


Here is one I’m trying to figure out. I brewed an IPA (extract). Primary fermentation for 10 days. Secondary fermentation 2 weeks, dry hopping with pellets in a hop bag. After secondary fermentation, I racked the beer over one more time so that I could let it sit four a couple of days to let the hops that sifted out of the hop bag and were suspended in solution to drop out before kegging. I went to put it in the keg today and there is active fermentation going on again.

What do I do at this point?



What makes you think that it’s fermenting again? Did you take a gravity reading before you racked to secondary? If so, does it match the current gravity?

I did take the gravity when I racked it over, but haven’t taken it again. The reason that I think it is fermenting again is that there are bubbles on top of the beer and occasionally the air lock lets out a bubble.


Sounds like it’s just the beer releasing dissolved CO2. That’s pretty normal.

That’s cool, so I should be able to go ahead and keg it without any issues?


Worst case is that it’s not quite finished fermenting and if you immediately chill the keg and start carbing the beer will be a little sweeter than you might want since the yeast will drop. But it won’t make a “keg bomb” or anything like that. Take a gravity reading and see if it matches the previous and if so, go ahead and keg. If not, let it sit another couple of days and repeat.

I’m sure the OP took a gravity reading before transferring the 1st time and the beer was done fermenting. So there is no concern about the beer being sweeter than expected. Or a keg bomb (the kegs hold 130psi). :wink:

I would agree that it is likely just co2 coming out of solution.

I understand your thought on the second racking but keep in mind every time you rack, you are likely introducing oxygen to your beer with the potential of it getting stale. There is also a chance of contamination.

When dry hopping, I use a new sanitized ankle high stocking over the output end of the hose and it catches all of the hop particles. Many people do not even do a secondary for the reasons above and just let the beer sit in primary for 4 weeks or so.

Just something to keep in mind on future batches.

[quote=“Nighthawk”]I’m sure the OP took a gravity reading before transferring the 1st time and the beer was done fermenting.[/quote]I wouldn’t assume that to be true - premature racking happens all the time. :wink:

Some guys just cannot control it