Opinion on recipe for Boston Lager

I just visited my local HBS and had them make me an extract kit for Boston Lager.
They found a recipe and put it together for me but I wanted everyone’s opinion on it before
I start. Also, the directions I have aren’t that great and differ slightly then what I am used to, so please let me know the easiest way to complete this.
I know nothing comes close to the real Boston Lager, but I wanted something similar tasting.
These are the ingredients I got for a 5 gallon batch:

3.3 Lb Amber Liq ME
3 Lb Light Dry ME
1.5 oz Tettnanger for bittering
1/4 oz Hallerttau Mittlefrueh for flavor
1/4 oz Tettnager for aroma
1/4 oz Hallerttau Mittlefrueh + 1/4 Tettnanger to finish
Wyeast 1056 (Amaerican Ale)
1 whirfloc tablet.

As you can tell the recipe came with an Ale yeast. Im not worried about it, but I expected it to come
with a lager yeast. I don’t have any way right now to ferment at lager temps so ale would be better.
Is it normal to clone a lager as an Ale?? I don’t mind trying and even though it wont be the same at least it should taste all right.
Also, would I still ferment in the mid to upper 60’s?

I don’t have a whirfloc tablet, so would irish moss work? If so when do you add it and how much? I have never used it before.

The directions are based on boiling a complete 5 gallons. I would like to keep it the same as I normally do and boil only 2.5 gallons, would this be a problem.
The instructions also aren’t very clear on hop addidtions. Does anyone have any suggestions?
This is the direction sheet I have, if you think of a better way or have clearer instructions please let me know:

Maintain 5 gallons in brew kettle for entire boil. Bitter boil 45 mins, whirfloc and flavor boil 15 minutes, aroma boil 3 minutes, add finish hops at burner shutoff. Ferment at 63f until SG is below 1.030 (typically 3-6 days). 65f for remainder fermentation to FG of 1.010 ish. If at all possible, lager at 55f for additional week.

They added a lager for additional week but I don’t think I should as it is an ale. What do you all suppose I do and what steps should I take during my boil??

Thanks for all input!!


Irish Moss1tsp @ 15 minutes.

3.3 Lb Amber Liq ME
3 Lb Light Dry ME
1.5 oz Tettnanger for bittering (45 min)
1/4 oz Hallerttau Mittlefrueh for flavor (15 min)
1 whirfloc tablet. (15 min)
1/4 oz Tettnager for aroma (3 min)
1/4 oz Hallerttau Mittlefrueh + 1/4 Tettnanger to finish (flame out)
Wyeast 1056 (Amaerican Ale)

1056 works well in the mid-upper 50’s. The colder you can keep it the more “lager” like it will be. Do you have a picnic cooler you can put the fermenter in? Fill it with as much water you can. Add frozen water/soda bottles to keep the temps down.

See the link in my signature line for ideas.

Do you boil like you have done in the past and top off with water.

Have you heard about boiling only a portion of the extract and adding the remainder at the end? This “late addition” help keep the color lighter and give a little better hop utilization.

I currently do not have a picnic cooler but I will buy one for this.
That’s for fixing those instructions for me, makes it way easier.
I will do as I currently do and boil 2.5 and add water at the end.

Thanks again.

You say the yeast will work good in the 50’s and keeping the temp down will make it more lager like, but would it hurt to just ferment like I normally do with an Ale even though it wont come out the same. I kind of want to test this batch and then try again using the cooler to actually see and taste the difference.

No issues if you ferment the beer in the 60’s. 1056 is pretty neutral in flavor until you get into the low 70’s.

If you have a tub/pail that the fermenter will sit in, that will work instead of a cooler. With the cooler, the water will keep cool longer as it is not fighting the heat in the room as much as if you used a tub/pail.

I agree with Nighthawk for the most part.

Personally I would ditch the 1056 and go with Kolsch yeast at 60 F. You can still use the ice water method to keep cool, and/or with a wet t-shirt and fan to cool by evaporation. No need to mess around with temperatures. Just keep it at 60-63 F the whole time. If anything, warm the beer at the tail end of fermentation. Do NOT “lager” the beer at the end of fermentation.

I’d substitute a pound of the liquid extract for a pound of cane sugar. Otherwise I think the beer will be too dark and final gravity too high.

Im going back to the LHBS tomorrow so I will see if they have that yeast. Ill try to find a tub or pail to use as well. I have those big storage bins so I think that will work.
I have brewed about 10-12 extract kits so far and all but 1 came with specialty grains. I figured this one would have but it didn’t. Is that odd, or does this style just get its body and flavor from all the malt and hops?

Sammy a is one of my favorite commercial brews. Please kelp us updated on how this turns out. I’d be tempted to give it a go!! Cheers!!!

Sam Adams gets its malty flavors from caramel malt. Amber malt extract has plenty of caramel malt in it already.

Ill certainly keep everyone updated. Thanks for the help.

Tiltrotor22 hope this helps. -Bill

Hahaha, it did.

I used the Kolsch that came with the NB Lederhosen kit and it turned out great. My family almost thought it was a Lager beer.