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Open Fermentaion (Now Wtth Pics)

I stand corrected. Although a couple layers of cheesecloth doesn’t seem nontraditional.

Nice foudres!

Those are sweet pictures!

Very cool.

So, do Pilsner Urquell and York Brewery pitch on the open beers, or let it happen naturally? If the former, what’s the benefit of leaving them open? Is it just tradition?

Touring the PU brewery was one of my all time beer things to do. They have a great tour which lasts a few hours as it is really two breweries, the modern and the old portion.

They pitch their yeast, it is not spontaneous fermentation. I do not know why they choose to keep it open. I was shocked when we came around the corner in that room and the beer was right there! Great yeast aroma. They then took us through these barrels and drew some off the tap of a wooden barrel. PU homebrew as it was unfiltered goodness from the old world.

Those are some great pics. Gotta say I’m a little jealous. I think a “clean” room build Is In order for my next open ferment.

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