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Spacing out and dumped my lager yeast cake after racking my Hoppy Sam. To bad i have 2 more lagers measured out. Guess need to start again. No big deal I wasn’t happy with the SA-23 anyway.

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I’ve done that!

I’m on the fence about my urquell slurry. I’ll keg the pilsner next week or so. Decide after a gravity check on the pils whether to keep it and how much.

Just did a 1L starter of Bavarian Lager yeast that I’ll likely use for some undetermined lager in the next few days. I’m thinking about a vienna and maybe 5 gals of munich lager or a boch or something a little bigger. I’m just not into heavy and malty at all right now so I can’t seem to get out of the pilsner/IPA rut I’ve been in. I’m happy with the beers but kinda bored brewing the same stuff over and over.

I hate that more than anything…
I went to look at my Lager yeast… Too many numbers to keep track of… I have an odd Lager yeast to use… Thought it might be that type… its not… S-189…

Good excuse to pick up some Bavarian Lager. This time of year i tend to brew bock strength lagers. Summer time i brew lesser lagers. I was building this cake for that Framing Hammer Baltic Porter. Oh well it’ll have to wait until i build up another cake. Its a beast and needs to be dropped on a cake

Yeah i rarely build a starter. Im lazy and can afford it so I’ll pick up two packs then brew a lighter lager to get the cake. My new MO is pitch all my brews to a fresh cake. Keeps me on task. If I save the slurry I get lazier

It is unbelievable at how quickly fermentation starts when pitching a fresh cake. Recently I brewed 3 test batches using US-05, each two weeks apart. Would literally dump it from the bottom and pitch it. Fermentation within 2 hours…

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