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Oops. Over measured!

I was measuring out grains for an Oktoberfest at my LHBS.

I needed .5 lbs of Biscuit and I put in 1.5. Looked at the wrong line item on the recipe card.

This is for a 10 gal batch.

Any major issues with this? It was too late once I realized the mistake. The grains already went through the mill.

On a side not, the LBHS didn’t have Carmunich in stock. They said Crystal 40 would be a good substitute. Thoughts on this?

Here’s the full recipe:

9lb Munich 1
7.5lb Pilsner
1.5 C40 (supposed to be Caramunich)
1lb Belgian Aromatic
1.5 Biscuit (supposed to be .5lb)


Obviously it will not be the beer you were planing on making. It might be even better. :wink:

Caramunich is listed as 34L on NB’s site. So C-40 would be close.

With the increase in the Biscuit, it will be a tad darker. And have more flavor.

Turns out I didn’t overmeasure. I thought I did.

At the LBHS, my bucket was 19.5lbs and I thought I needed 18lbs of grain.

Got home to adjust the recipe, only to find out that the original was already 19lbs.

I put in an extra half lb of aromatic malt because I could only buy it in 1lb bags.

Caramunich is great C malt, too bad you couldn’t get it, 40 will work though. The last few years I’ve been using Caramunich III in place of C-60 with good results.

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