Oops Broke My Capper

I just started bottling a one gallon batch of cream ale (smells soooo good) when my Red Baron bottle capper broke!! I got two bottles crimped…the rest were filled and the carboy was emptied.

I poured them all back out into a clean and sanitized carboy ASAP. Is this going to be okay? Maybe it’s kinda like going into a “secondary” for a day until I get a new capper?

You broke a Red Baron?!!

OK so you have oxidation risk, and added priming sugar. Let’s hope for the best.

I’m assuming you used drops with a 1 gallon batch, did the drops go in the carboy? I would let whatever sugar got in the carboy ferment out. Then taste it. If the wet cardboard flavor isn’t overwhelming re-prime and maybe try again with a new capper.

Yep. Busted it up bad!!

I was using fizz drops but kept them out of the carboy. I guess there is nothing to lose at this point right?

So a wet cardboard taste will indicate oxidation?

Same thing happened to me the other night. I was bottling 5 gal. of Caribou Slobber, my first batch, capping as I went and on bottle number four the linkage snapped apart bottles and caps fly everywhere. I was a little upset. Had to things in my favor though 1. my brew kettle lid fits nicely on the bottling bucket 2. the LHBS was open for another 45 minutes so I was able to finish the batch with a small delay.
Needless to say I am less than impressed with the quality of this style of capper and will be looking into getting an all metal version.

Northern Brewer customer service rocks!!! I emailed them about the capper and they responded this morning and stated there was a known defective batch of these cappers that went out and they have been replacing them.

Not only are they replacing the capper, but they’re replacing my one gallone ingredient kit and throwing in bottle caps and some Easy Clean!!!

Northern Brewer earns my continued business without question.

That is good to know I suppose i will be making contact with NB. I would second the customer service compliment, I have had a couple minor issues with other items I recieved in my Delux Starter Kit and they took care of them. For that reason alone I made sure to add another extract kit to the item they were replacing for me. :cheers:

When you said you broke a Red Baron, I was wondering how you managed that. Defective batch explains it. I am still using my original Red Baron… From 1996! It might be the only piece of equipment that I have never replaced.

Darn and I was thinking you now had an excuse to buy a bench capper.

Now you have an excuse to buy a kegging system!