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Hey everyone,

Hopefully this is the best place to post this. I’ve been using Beersmith 2 for a while now to create recipes, conversions, keep notes, etc… and really love it. However, I’d really like to be able to access and add notes to my recipes when not at the computer and on brew day (from my phone or laptop). I’m constantly tweaking things and keep copious notes with each brew so I can replicate them easily and also troubleshoot when something goes wrong.

Are there any sites out there that offer the functionality that Beersmith offers in a web-based format? Specifically I’m looking for a site that offers a good recipe creation tool (with a customizable ingredients database), calculators, conversion tools, note taking capabilities, etc. Anyone know of any?


I have never used beersmith, so I am not sure what it can all do. but hopville has an online recipe program.

may not be all of what you are looking for. But you can look at it to see if it will do enough for you.

I’ve been using hopville to build all my recipes. It works great. I set my mash eff to 78% because that’s usually where I am and the numbers are always very close.

BeerTools lets you move recipes back and forth between the desktop client and the website, and edit them on either.

I agree about Hopville. It’s not as functional as Beersmith in terms of profiling equipment and so forth, but it is really nice to keep track of gravities, ibu’s and so forth.

I’ve wondered about this too. When at a friend’s place, it would be nice to pull up an old recipe and see what you used.

Just took a look @ hopville - looks pretty sweeet. 8)

Hopville is pretty cool. I haven’t signed up yet, just been perusing recipes, but I think I’m going to in order to keep my recipes online.

I love hopville.

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