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One Gallon Kegs

Hi from a first timer. I’m intrigued by the one gallon batches - most of my brewing is just for my own use now except at holidays or special occasions so five gallon batches gets most of its results wasted - and I love to keg.

a) Are there one gallon Cornelius kegs out there (I’ve seen the “do it yourself” videos to make one but I’m an ignoramus at these things)
b) If not (and I haven’t found any) can the 2 1/2/ 3 gallon kegs work?

Thanks! :smiley:

There are little 1.75 gallon kegs at William’s Brewing Supply. At such a small batch, you might as well bottle, in my opinion. I wouldn’t think about kegging until about 3 gallon batches. But that’s just me…
You could use your keg as bottling “buckets”. That’s what I do when I bottle, it’s totally sweet.

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