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One gallon braggot mead recipe


I have just divided up my first 5 gallon BOMM mead into one gallon flavored meads. In the past I have made a few beers and I would like to make a one gallon braggot mead. I am hoping someone in the forum may have a one gallon recipe they would like to share. I am considering making a other 5 gallon mead that I also can divide up …if this is even possible for a braggot.

Thanks again,


One pound of extract + one pound of honey + one gallon of water + one pack of yeast = braggot.
The last braggot that I made was a wheat braggot. I racked a gallon from a wheat beer into a separate carboy and added one pound of clover honey.

Hi rookie l-a,
Thank you for the reply. In fact I will be brewing a beer soon with specialty grains. Nice idea !!

Yes, thanks Rookie, I would love to try a brag got. Is there a preferred honey? Sneezles61

You can make any beer into a braggot.

What honey do you like?

Oh thats a loaded question! I just see there is more to it than honey and a bunch of bees! I comes down to the flower they are gitting their pollen from… Oh dear… Sneezles61

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