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On too my next brew ... Slobber & It's fermenting HOT

Did my brew before noon this morning getting into the big mouth blubbler before noon.
Caribou Slobber using Danstar Windsor dry yeast.

here it is @ 9:00 pm in the room where fermentation is happening with a 67-68f room temp
THE BIG MOUTH BUBBLER is running at 77

The info on Danstar says no more than 70f fermentation temp & had no idea it would be creating this much heat !
Got the windows open and fans running to get the outside 50
f air into the room !!!

Yikes do i have a problem … ???

77° fermentation temps are going to be problematic. This will cause esters from the yeast as well as fusel alcohol.

Search info on swamp coolers for a cheap way to control fermentation temps. Essentially it is placing your fermenter into a tub of water that you can use frozen water bottles to control temps. There are a lot of good ideas out there so I encourage you to look around.

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Indeed swamp cooler. Or look for different yeast strain who can handel higher fermenting temp. Our host does sell omega hornedal kviek. Or kveik yeast. This can handel higher fermenting temps

Point the fan at your fermenter that will cool it down even without the swamp cooler although the swamp cooler will be better. 70 will be OK for that yeast. I’ll bet you pitched warm to get that big of a temp swing. If you’re going to ferment at ambient which is fine if your ambient is in range chill it down into the 60s and let it rise into the zone. When you pitch per the crappy instructions your going to get a fast and furious initial. That will create alot of heat and you may need a blow-off tube


Left the window open and fan moving air towards the bubbler … got up at 3 am and checked temp and it was down to 70* so left it alone getting up this AM @ 7 checking again … 62* ( Room temp got down to @ 56* )

Now windows are closed, fan off and will do a gentle swirl and let the temp rise back into the zone of 64-70

THAT WAS WILD seeing threw a clear fermenter what looked like champagne bubbles on steroids !!! with the entirety of the 5 gallon vessel rolling with micro bubbles !! Right now at 62* all is quiet.

Lets hope it starts back up and the yeast did not kill it self ???

It may have just about finished

Here it is noon @ 12 hours after pinching yeast … fermenter back up to 67-68* and nary any activity at all, Air lock quiet too.

Damn … something tells me this whole situation has gone sideways !

Do i let it sit and continue for a week or two or am i screwed ?

Gravity ?

After the boil and time of pinching was at @ 1.035
Today being now @ 27 hours after pinching sitting at @ 1.020

.035 doesn’t sound right. You sure about that? .020 is not finished check it in a couple days if it’s the same may have stalled. Swirl the BMB may wake it. In the meantime get some more dry yeast just in case

The OG of Caribou Slobber is supposed to be around 1.052

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