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Old Stoner after Primary

Brewed up 4 gallons of Old Stoner about 3.5 weeks ago. Came in at 1.1ish. Moved it to secondary last night and it was down to 1.018. Poured a little off into a mason jar - I could not believe how good it tasted already. Very malty, very hoppy, just the right amount of sweetness. All blended together so well…oh yeah, I think about 4 oz. of it got me buzzed too. I was really expecting it to be rather harsh and take a long time to come around. Looking forward to seeing what it tastes like in 6 months, a year, or two if it lasts that long. Already thinking ahead to brewing up another batch.

Thanks for making the recipe and advice so accessible Denny - I had never brewed a barley wine and likely would have met with much less success without your willingness to share.

I’m going to employ my skills on this one for a May/June brew day just to end up at a Christmas 6 month mark. Looking forward to it.

I’ve got one sitting in the primary right now and am really excited about it. This was my first truly big beer and I might just let it go until my birthday in November. The problem will be finding a nice spot to hide it so I don’t need to think about it just sitting there all by its lonesome not being consumed…

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