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Old Peculiar Clone

I usually don’t do too many clone recipes as I formulate my own recipes from scratch. But I had this recipe laying around and so I went for it. It has brown sugar, Lyles golden syrup and light Belgian candy sugar in it. I took it to an “Ice Bowl” event for disc golf and they consumed it all in three hours. I got compliments like “You should bottle and sell this stuff”. It was a good day.


A clone of this Old Peculiar …

That’s the one. I guess I spelled it wrong. It came out great. The recipe was from one of those clone recipe books. I am doing a partial mash where I actually mash three pounds of Maris Otter and then later I steep my specialty grains. That takes a long time to do but works for my apartment setup where I have an electric stove. I am now looking into getting a Mash N’ Boil system which will bump me up to all grain and is electric.

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Recipe is as follows. Just realize that instead of using 6.5 lb. of Munton’s DME I used a 3.3 lb. can of Munton’s light extract, 3 lb. of Maris Otter and then 1 lb. of light dry extract. It could obviously also be done all grain.

3/4 lb. British crystal malt 55L (I actually used a full pound)
1/4 torrified wheat (I mashed this with the Maris Otter when I did the recipe)
3 oz. British chocolate malt
6.5 lbs. Muntons DME
1/2 lb. Belgian clear candi sugar (I used some hot water to get it dissolved before adding to the wort)
1/2 lb. dark brown sugar (I used a 1/2 lb. cone of Mexican brown sugar that I got from Adventures in Homebrewing. Dissolved in hot water before adding)
4 oz. Lyle’s golden syrup (didn’t measure it out, just poured in what I thought was 4 oz.)
Hops to about 29 or 30 IBU’s (use whatever you think works. I finished with Fuggles)
The yeast I used was Bulldog B4 English Ale Yeast (recipe called for Wyeast 1084 Irish)

My method is totally a partial mash as I am actually mashing some grains before I go forward with the rest of the recipe. The Maris Otter and torrified wheat were mashed for 90 minutes and then sparged into the brew kettle. Then I add some water, get the temp up to 150 and steep the specialty grains. Finally after all of that I add in the extract, dissolved brown sugar, dissolved candi sugar, Lyle’s golden syrup and malt extract before going to boil and adding in the hops. It’s a long process but it makes good beer.

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