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Old hazy IPA

I made this ipa a while back and i guess i bottled a few to get to a keg. Anyway i was rooting around and found a few so chilled them and tried one. Kind of reminds me of some old IPAs ive bought off the shelf. No hops aroma or flavor. Kind of a weird bitterness maybe because i only added the bitterness with late citra additions. I’ll try one more because maybe this one was from the bottom of the keg then I’ll just dump the other four. I know better than to age ipa these just got lost.

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What were you thinking? Cant roll the aroma/flavor back into them like a Heffe? :smile:

Actually the second one was better. But then again they are 7.5%

This is what happens if you get behind on brewing you have to drink bottom shelf :rofl:


I have a lot of beers aging in bottles because I put some away from each batch anticipating my brother coming to town… then the pandemic… still undrunk. There are very few beers that actually benefit from lagering IMO. Any beer that is supposed to be clean and unassuming does just fine with extended bottle conditioning. Nearly all of my Belgian/wild yeast do fine with extended aging and many get a different level of complexity. Besides those beers, beer that depend on anything outside of their malt profile (ie dry hop, late hops, coco nibs, oak chips, fruit forward additions) lose those characteristics with any extra time. I don’t even bother with volatile flavors like vanilla anymore because I cannot drink 5g of it before it goes away.

How old was it?

about 6 months

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