Old Extract Kits

Last June I bought two extract kit to make for the following fall/winter. Due to work I’ve never been able to brew them until now. I bought a smashing punkin extract kit and a barley wine extract kit. I’ve kept them in my cellar the entire time, which is cool and dry. I put the yeast, both dry and liquid in my fridge. Do you think I need to just toss these kits or do y’all think they are still good?

All it will cost you is some time to just go ahead and make them. Why throw them out? Give it a shot.

The liquid yeast may need replacing. Could be over a year old.

Yeah, I bought some more yeast, just to be safe…

I brewed some kits that were 6-7 months old and they turned out fine. I used dry yeast that came with the package, and I had no problems. But, I would now replace any yeast that old. Happy Brewing!