Old Extract Kit Safe?

Long story short, I purchase a kolsch Extract Kit approximately 18 months ago, but kept running into events that kept me from using it. Is it safe? I inspected the Extract jug its still sealed well, not budging etc. Also, I purchased new yeast for it…

What do you mean by safe? The freshness of the ingredients would be a concern.

You can brew it just fine, but it might taste extra caramelly and might have a reddish color. But you can still make it and drink it just fine.

New yeast was a good idea. +1 on brew it up.

I’d probably grab new hops as well. fortunately you don’t need much for a kolsch.

That it will be drinkable.

LME doesn’t store well. It’ll be safe to drink, but likely won’t taste very good. I would replace the LME with something fresh and save this jug for making yeast starters. At this point, new yeast, new hops, new LME/DME… pretty much a new kit.

Is this you’re first time brewing? Maybe just brew it anyways and get the process down.

I’m on my 6th batch now.

I opened the malt and tasted it. It doesn’t have any off taste or smell, I think it’ll turn out OK.

Cool! Let us know how it turns out.

Overall it turned out well. There may be a slight caramel taste but I don’t think I would of noticed if someone didn’t tell me to expect it. So for the future forum readers in the same scenario, do not be afraid to brew it. It taste very well!

glad it turned out well! :cheers: