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Old British beers and how to brew them

If you like British beers these booklets are a must. I purchased these years ago ,I think there is a new version with over 200 recipes.The recipes are for 1 gallon batches. The Carlo Rossi one gallon wine bottle works perfectly for fermenting.

Here is a list of recipes from the booklet.

Page two.

Taken from the website of Old British Beers and How To Make Them - Durden Park …

Welcome to Durden Park Beer Circle. Craft Brewers with an interest in research, recreating and tasting historic British beers. Circle meet once a month to discuss

The Circle’s interest in old beers originated in 1972 when Dr John Harrison read ‘A History of English Ale and Beer’ by H.A, Monkton. An unwritten assumption pervading the book was that Porters, Indian Pale Ale and other beers had changed since the early 1800s and no one would drink the likes of those beers again!

It was agreed that one of the Circle’s core activities should be research into Old Beers, to brew them and to evaluate the results. The Circle continues this work to this day and we now know that beers ranging from the merely interesting to the superb can be made using the formulations found in brewing ledgers from long gone breweries.

Old British Beers and How to Make Them was written so that other homebrewers and craftbrewers could benefit from our research and a taste of history is there for all to try. The booklet was first published in 1976, revised in 1991 and reprinted in 1993. The latest edition was revised in 2003.

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