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Old Ale Recipe?

I am planning to make an Old Ale, a first for me although I have been brewing for many, many years. Does anybody have a good recipe out there? I could of course go with the one the Great Jamil has in his book as I have had good luck with other of his formulations. My plan was to make a brown porter so as to generate a good amount of yeast then pitch a massive amount into the old ale wort so it attenuates properly. Also, I planned to work at the top end of the gravity range for this style and do a double mash, also a first for me. Once the beer ferments out, I planned to put it into a cornie and start a solera so that the resulting blends would have beer in them that was pretty well aged after a couple of years (I’m doing that now with an Oud Bruin and it works great). By the way, I am open to doing something kinky, wood aged, bugs etc. Anyhow, I would really appreciate some good ideas and thanks in advance.

Any recipe for barleywine or strong ale will do it. A massively strong Burton is ideal.
The key to Old Ale is letting it get old and even allowing it to develop some mildly sour notes.
To me, it’s not an "Old Ale’ until it has aged for a year (or preferably more).

You’re on the right track treating it as a solera. I’ve been doing that with my Christmas Ales since the early 1990’s. And I expect to keep the tradition going until I can’t brew anymore or I drop dead.

If you watch your sanitation and keep everything insanely clean, you should have no problem. Based on the results I’ve enjoyed, all I can say is that it’s well worth the effort and diligence.


here is one i brewed back last summer, it an historical old Burton kk ale from 1920’s-1930’s. The recipe is based of one of Shut up about Barclay Perkins Lets brew Wednesday … on+kk+ale+

Here is a link to the full recipe, sorry its in metric! … 826&hilit=

Batch Size (L): 22.00
Total Grain (kg): 7.47
Anticipated OG: 1.073
Anticipated SRM: 24.6
Anticipated IBU: 79.0
Brewhouse Efficiency: 68 %
Wort Boil Time: 60 Minutes

% Amount Name Origin
53.6 4.00 kg. Pale Malt
20.1 1.50 kg. Mild Malt
13.4 1.00 kg. Invert No 3
6.9 0.52 kg. Crystal 75L
6.0 0.45 kg. Flaked Corn (Maize)

Amount Name Alpha IBU Boil Time
110.00 g. Goldings 6 62.7 60 min
56.00 g. Goldings 6 16.3 30 min

Landlord Wyeast 1469

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