Oktoberfest a Little Off

This was only my second attempt at a lager, and overall I am pleased with it, but it didn’t turn out exactly as I had hoped. Maybe y’all can help me figure out the issue.

I made a one gallon batch of this Oktoberfest with the following recipe:

1.5 lb Munich Malt
1.5 lb Pilsner Malt
.5 lb Caramunich Malt
1/4 oz Hallertauer 60 minutes
1/4 oz Hallertauer 15 minutes
Wyeast Oktoberfest

Fermented in primary 2 weeks between 50-60 degrees. 18 hour diacetyl rest. 2 weeks lagering at about 40 degrees. Bottled and force carbonated.

Served in a glass mug from the bottle, the aroma has the good sour Munich malt notes that I was going for. The mouthfeel is nice and light as a lager should be.

My issue is that I was hoping for that tangy Munich flavor and ended up with a toasty, slightly spicy flavor instead. It is good, just not what I was going for.

Any ideas on what I should tweak to get more Munich twang and less toasty/spicy?

I have to admit that I use Munich malt a lot and never thought of it as twangy or sour. Generally it results in just the flavors you’re tasting now.

I have to agree that Munich Malt adds toasty flavors, not tangy/sour flavors.

Toasty flavors are also typical of Oktoberfests.

Was that really your recipe? 3# of base malt and 0.5# of Munich Malt?
At that ratio, I imagine the beer is quite sweet, which would tend to cover up the toasty flavors of Munich Malt.

Edit: Is it possible you are talking about a skunked flavor?

I agree with the caramunich being too high. I’d only put a half pound in a 5 gallon batch, let alone 1 gallon! Also, your whole process seems rushed. 2 weeks primary, 18 hr d-rest, 2 weeks lagering? This is not a style you can push through the whole process and expect to get good results. I lager for 4 months before even tasting it.

I agree with all of the above.
Especially the aging part. A good O-Fest is not a beer you can really rush. Time and patience are your friends in this case.

I know an Oktoberfest should age longer than I let it, but I was impatient to drink it.

After a couple of weeks in the bottles, I am getting more of the flavors I was targeting.

Maybe you don’t consider it a “twang,” that’s just how I refer to it. It’s that finish you get from a good schwarzbier, Oktoberfest, or pilsner.

As for the sweetness imparted by the caramunich, I wanted a bit sweeter beer. All the hop-forward craft brews out there have me burned out on it and I like my beers very malty. This one turned out very tasty.

Thanks for the input, y’all.