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Ok to add extra wort to secondary?

So I am trying to make a Christmas Ale. I have one gallon in my primary now (been going almost a week). I have in a sanitized mason jar ~.25 gallons extra wort which I gathered 5 minutes before the boil ended, then continued to boil and simmer that with some spices in a separate pot. I was hoping to add that to a secondary. I figure this is just like adding extra fermentables. Will I have enough yeasts left in the primary to eat the sugars (I had an OG of 1.080) or should I add a bit more yeast? I used a Nottingham for this recipe.

I dont think the extra wort. Adding will help the yeast. Let the yeast do its think. And when you think your brew is ready. Take a few gravity samples. Over. Say. 3 days. Gravity. The same. Your brew ready But you can keep the extra wort. For if you make a yeast starter.

The point here is I wanted to add the spiced wort to the primary to give a Holiday flavor. I want to be sure that…

  1. the wort is safe having been stored this way.
  2. there is enough yeast to eat the extra sugars being added.

There’s yeast and you can add. I do a similar thing when adding juice or fruit to the secondary. This is no different really.
I think the bigger issue is that you have no more space in that fermenter

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You sure can do that, but I would just add the spices to the end of the boil and put it all in the fermenter next time. You’re not going to blow off those spices to any major extent with the active primary fermentation. I think you’ll find that it’s easier to overdo the spices in these beers more underdo them.

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Wait until it’s finished fermentation then bottle 2 pints then rack the spiced wort in there

Or just ferment what’s in the jar, then combine the 2 when bottling…
To me, seems like micro-organisms really like sweet wort… it’s like they seek that stuff out… I hope it’s got Saran Wrap to help protect it… Sitting on the counter for a week?..

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Unless you do freeze it. So no change for. Any. Bacteria to enter the wort

I just looked at the jar. It is off the scale in terms of usability. Thanks all for your input. Live and learn I guess. I will boil the spices for the last 5 minutes or so next time, or go through the canning process. I like the idea of saving extra wort because after blowoff and trub I can add the spiced base then top off with the primary to reduce headspace. Possibly pitch a little extra kickstarting yeast get it all going again.

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