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Weren’t you guys voting on legalization.

Oh that… It failed pretty handedly.

Pretty sure it was destined to fail. Next one in 2016 will be done right without all the limitations to growers.

I didn’t think it would fail that miserably. I thought 2 AND 3 would both pass… I like the 2016 plan but fear they won’t pull it off. Even then, it all sounds great and all, but nearly all employers are not going to change their policies for it. My guess is not until federal law changes. Retired semi hippie Dad would be all over it though! :lol:

Crazy little factoid, Toledo PASSED decriminalization (city ordinance) recently… I heard about it but did not believe it but it’s true:

I think most of the people in the state would pass an initiative for medical use, I know I would. I know people that could’ve and would benefit from it. They made a mistake here in they coupled the medical use along with recreational…and unfortunately some see us Ohioans and pricks for voting it down.

What got voted down was the limited growers and the monopoly / oligopoly issue. If it would have been the microbrew concept with limited production…etc etc…might have been a different story.

And if you live here, there really wasn’t, at least what I saw, a big push for advertising the issue and it’s merits…whether you think there are is a matter of personal opinion, but my understanding is most of the push was on campuses…which…college kids are flight on whether they vote or not.

The main problem I saw was those pushing to legalize in their own world thought everyone else thinks the same way they do…well at over 2 to 1 telling uh no we don’t that should be the key right there.

Heck there were even liberal supporters of legalization that said issue 3 was a bad bad deal.

Most of the people I know who at least “were” potheads back in the day all hated the law the way it was written.

Bet you it won’t pass in 2016…

Bet you it won’t pass in 2016…[/quote]

It may not. Doesn’t really affect me. I don’t have any plans to start toking it up. I stopped doing that when I was a teenager. Now it may affect me in the future if I need it for medical reasons and philosophically I think its silly that it’s illegal so I do hope that the illegality is removed at some point.

I always thought that was a picture of you lighting up.

Haha no that’s Keyser Soze…But there is no Keyser Soze…

Matt I only said that due to wording in issue 2. I think it would have grabbed more of the popular vote if they wouldn’t have lied about what it was. Rich people getting richer. If we make it legal, make it legal… Not just so you can line your coffer.