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Officer I swear

Officer I swear that’s nothing more than crushed malted grain and a BB gun… I swear…

Looks like a pretty course crush. :cry: But then, maybe just looks like it cuz the grain is still in the bag(s). Keep a close eye on your efficiency with the batch.

Close up of one of mine from my LHBS. i usually crush my own at the LHBS to ensure all or most are broken/cracked.


Oddly enough Stormy, I anticpitated 77% efficiency and got about 65%. My estimated OG of 1.057 ended up around 1.046. The taste is there but time will tell.

So what can be done when you get NB’s or any other grain that is under crushed. No mill at my casa.

try convincing that officer that your vacuum packed hops, and that same gun, are “hops.”

I split a nice order from with a buddy and mailed it to him Priority. I was waiting for the knock on the door for that one… The box smelled like a cross between Northern CA sense and delightful hops.

Stormy is there rye in that grist? I crush even finer than that by the way, although it sometimes makes for a slow runoff.

I keep going over Sunday’s batch and can only assume my crush sucked. My procedures were consistent with past batches. Maybe it’s time to get a mill and control that aspect as well. Thoughts?

I don’t know if NB would do it, but maybe you could ask them to double-crush?

I use the mill at my LHBS and I put all my base malt through twice. Definitely makes a difference for me, although my efficiency is still nothing to write home about (which is not really a problem since it’s consistent at least)

No rye, Tom. The pic is the grain for my $100 Black Lager:

4lbs Munton’s Marris Otter
3lbs Great Western 2-row
3lbs Wyermann’s Dark Munich
0.75lbs Munton’s Chocolate malt
0.75lbs Bries CaraPils
0.25lbs Dingeman’s De-bittered Black patent
0.25lbs Dingemans’ Carafa III


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