Off-Flavor on NB Dead Ringer batch

Just getting into a batch of NBs DeadRinger. Its slightly undercarbed at the moment but getting there.

The color is great, the smell is superb. The taste is even pretty darn gooduntil the aftertaste hits. It is kind of a coppery metallic taste that hits right after the swallow and lingers for a few seconds before dissipating. NOT ideal. Any ideas what would have caused this?

Probably due to green beer, or you’re experiencing the extract twang if it’s an extract. Give it some time… Cheers!!!

Well that is certainly encouraging! Thanks. I am a total newbie with only a few extract batches under my belt. The first two were and are great, so I was disapointed with the first sips of this one… Patience, eh?

Other things you might look into: Your kettle. Is there any rust (IE a ceramic coated pot that has chipped). You water. Does it have a high iron content? Does it contain chlorine or are you using bleach to sanitize? Cheers!!!

Kettle is stainless and fairly new so no rust. Using star-san. Water is minneapolis tap water, and I;ve had good results with my first batches (all extracts). Hoping I was just a little impatient and this batch jsut needs some time…

That’s more than likely it but watch the Chlorine/Chloramine in your city water. It’s more referred to as a medicinal band aide taste though. There are ways to eliminate it (Campden tablet) or you can use RO water. RO is fine for extracts & removes the water as a variable. Cheers!!!

Will do. Will a city water report tell me about levels of these things?

It should.

Can’t you just run your water through a brita? May take a little bit, but I would assume this would clear the impurities in your municipal water.