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Oetiker clamp 145 & 170 sizing

Stopped by my LHBS this afternoon and picked up a few more parts to get my keg system setup. I got threaded disconnects gas with a 5/16" barb and the beverage with a 1/4" barb. They didn’t have a 3/16" barb but said with some hot water and some force I could get the tubing on the barb. I got 5 ft of 5/16" ID red thick wall gas tubing and 5 ft of 3/16" ID thick wall tubing. I know I might have to adjust the length of the beverage line to reduce foaming. Should I get a 3/16" swivel barb instead of forcing it on the 1/4" barb?

They didn’t have any oetiker clamps on hand so I ran to Mcmaster Carr and picked up some clamps from some numbers I found on an old post on another forum. I can’t seem to find a cross reference between clamp sizing and what NB lists for clamp size 145 for beverage and 170 for gas. The ones I bought appear to be oetiker brand clamps with metric numbers on them.

Part # 52545K51 (16700010)
(13.3 on them)
Clamp ID Range
-Inch 27/64" to 17/32"
-mm 10.8 to 13.3

Part # 52545K27 (16700006)
Clamp ID Range
(10.5 on them)
-Inch 11/32" to 13/32"
-mm 8.8 to 10.5

Since I take stuff apart, I found thru brew hardware they have smooth piece that comes in contact with the hose, as opposed to the slotted style. I’ve only mangled oekiter clamps… kinda fun!! Sneezles61

I had to dip all my tubing in boiling water to get it on the barb :slight_smile:

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Ah, yes… very good point made Unc! Sneezles61

You’ll be fine with the 1/4" barb. In fact, it will help stop any leaks. As @uncdeo said, dip the tubing in boiling water and the barb will slip right in.

After some digging around I think I’ve figured out Oetiker clamp sizing for different hose and barb setups.

13.3 - 3/16" ID × 7/16" OD beverage tubing to 1/4" barb
McMaster Carr part #52545K51
Oetiker part #16700010

15.7 - 5/16" ID x 9/16" OD gas tubing to 5/16" barb
McMaster Carr part #52545K54
Oetiker part #16700016

17.0 - 5/16" ID x 9/16" OD gas tubing to 3/8" barb (Common barb fitting off regulator)
McMaster Carr part #52545K55
Oetiker part #167(still searching)

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Five feet of beer line may not be long enough. It wasn’t for my setup. I had to start with 10’ and ended up at 8’ to balance it. It’s still kind of a slow pour but I’d rather have that than foam.

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I honestly just stuck with the 10’ and use the tilt of the glass to adjust head.

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