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Odell's Mountain Standard

My local bottle shop just got this in and I am loving it! 9.5% abv black IPA made with Colorado hops. Only problem it’s one of their four pack series and it’s a little spendy. Mountain Standard Reserve

dam, i’ll have to watch for that one.

Really like it. Very cool on all Colorado grown hops.
I swear it is not 9% though. :shock:

The new mountain standard.
Plenty spendy and will fly off the shelves this winter.

:cheers: to Odells.

wifey brought some home last night, i like. might have to age a few of them.

Bumping an old thread because I just had this for the first time. Other than the price tag, what a great beer! Odell just does a nice job… really enjoy their Cutthroat porter too.

I love their IPA, double IPA, and black double IPA. Their wheat, porter, and Scottish are also great beers. Touch pricy compared to similar beers.

Hooray for the Mountain Standard!
The 4 pack idea was a highly successful marketing strategy that my wallet hates.

Mmmm Odells.
I just got a sneak taste of a bottle of their new spring seasonal…red IPA. :slight_smile: Thumbs up.

Colorado hops is a bit vague, any idea of which actual variety?

Seems like I remember it being Cascade and Chinook.

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