Octoberfest is flat

Hey all. I brewed an Octoberfest extract kit. Flavor is great but it has been bottled for 3 weeks and it’s still pretty flat. I put it in about 70 degree ambient hoping to restart the yeast. Short of thst, any suggestions?

At what temp have you been conditioning for the past 3 weeks?

About 64 to 66 degrees

A bit cool for bottle conditioning …can you bump it up closer to 75* or so?


You can carb eventually at 64-66, but it will take a while. If you can gat it to 75 like voodoo says you’ll be good in a week or two. 70 is still good, but expect it to take closer to 2 more weeks.

Turn each bottle upside-down, and back upright again. Repeat a couple times. Do this a few times over next couple days to get the sediment kicked back into solution. Then leave it alone to let the sediment drop out again.

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