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Obama needs new brewers

[quote=“Hoppenheimer”]I think the settlement to this argument is more in terms of who is the brewer.[/quote]Bingo. That was my point - the White House chefs should be able to make really good beer with extract. Yes, they could probably make better beer with AG, but I doubt that cost is a consideration and a blue cooler would certainly clash with the stainless and copper in their kitchen. :wink:

Not as bad as a red cooler would. :stuck_out_tongue:

While one can make great beer with extract, cost aside it just seems that in a kitchen known (whatever the administration) to be off of all scales that they would have gone whole hog. This is no knock against extract just that I bet when they make sauces there are no preprepared ones used. Fresh real hollindase and the like. Thus it seems a little low key for them to not due the full process.

Does anybody know just how involved the Pres is in these brewings? Are we talking he sponsors them, sits and watches or actually gets involved in the brewing? Just curious.


I think you’re absolutely right.[/quote]

I don’t. Back in february I was at a homebrew beerfest that had some fantastic beer. I didn’t care for a couple of them but the majority (of 15) were very good.[/quote]
Man, I went to a brewfest a week and a half ago that had many homebrew clubs and their beer at it, and I was disappointed with nearly every one of them…
I don’t know what happened, last year there was some good beer. But I couldn’t help thinking to myself, “I can brew better beer than any of this…”
I don’t know what the deal was, I know that these clubs have good brewers in them. Just wasn’t into what they offered I guess.

[quote=“Vulkin’”]Not as bad as a red cooler would. :stuck_out_tongue:
go orange or go home. :lol:

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