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Oats in Irish Red Ale

I recently ordered the all grain version of the irish red ale. Went to set everything up tonight and noticed that there is a bag of oats that came with the ingredents that doesn’t seem to be listed.

I just wanted to make sure I am correct in thinking that this was just sent to me by accident. I’m not suppose to put oats in my Irish red am I?

If I am, at what point do they go in?

They go in the mash with the rest of the grain. But I don’t see them on the .pdf for the ingredients.

Looks like a shipping error.

Yep, throw it in the mash with everything else. I think the Irish Draught has oats in the recipe, maybe that’s where the mix up came from.


I was looking at my box of Irish Rolled Oats this morning and thinking “hmmm, this would go good in that all grain red kit I’ve had sitting in my basement since Christmas.”

So what exactly do the oats do to the bear? Are they adding flavor? Body? Both? Obviously know they’re used often in stouts, but just wondered overall what their addition would do to the red or to a brown…or to anything for that matter. Can’t find all that much information in Joy of Home Brewing.

I’ve never used them, but most of what I’ve read suggests they add body, a silky mouth feel, and some flavor. Seems odd for an Irish red, but can’t see how it would hurt anything.

Yes please and post good tasting notes.

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