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Oak Spirals or chips

I have a beer that did’nt exactly finish and left the beer on the sweet side. Would oak in any form dry out the beer a bit to take away some of the sweetness? If so how much wood and for how long? 5 gallon batch. Thanks.

I tried champagne yeast and it didnt take. Already in secondary.

For the most part oak will add sweet-ish vanilla/caramel flavors.

If you think it isn’t finished, pitch an active starter at high krausen. Dumping dry yeast into an environment that’s already high in alcohol can’t really be expected to do anything.

Very good article on using oak in beer:

Go ahead and post the recipe, along with the yeast. Oak typically won’t dry it out. It can add some tannins, but I doubt they’d give you the effect you’re looking for. You could consider oak and some Brett. It would dry it out, but it would also make it a sour beer. If you’re into that, it could turn out great.

sour it, that will eat up the extra sugars in there.

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